Parker’s First Birthday

Parker’s first birthday was magical. Most birthday parties are pure chaos, but not this one. Perhaps it was a little bit of unicorn magic, or maybe it was just all of the pre-planning I did this time around. Whatever the reason, it made for a beautiful afternoon full of unforgettable memories. The weather was perfect, every single one of our friends from near and far made it, and Parker actually took a nice long nap before the party started (thanks to her Papa).


That face! We took some of these photos of her in her high chair a little while after the party. It was at this point that she actually liked the cake but at her party, she didn’t really know what to think about it (as most one-year-olds don’t). Right after we sang happy birthday to her, she put her hands all over the cake, but only wanted to feed me the pieces. It was the cutest thing. I’ll never forget that moment! 



I was so excited when we brought Parker’s cakes home. I found Donna, the beauty and the baker behind Madison’s on Main, by total fate one afternoon on Instagram. I could go on and on about how wonderful she was to work with. She made all of my unicorn cake hopes and dreams come true and the adorable smash cake was the cherry on top. Not only that but she also made a little unicorn cupcake that we ended up giving to Brady so he felt like he had something special too while all of the attention was on Parker as she blew out her candle. Donna’s equally as talented husband Kevin (of Kevin Paul Photography) took this photo for us and I am so thankful that he did. Between talking to all of our guests and chasing kids around, we never really got a great picture of the unicorn cake, so having this makes me so happy. And yes, those are tiny cookies-and-cream white chocolate pyramids sprinkled around the cakes. I’m telling you, Donna is going to become your new best friend.  

• Peanut butter and jelly sandwich kites (with no crust of course, because… kids)
• Fruit Rainbow (all fruit chopped up into small pieces)
• Bowls of popcorn, cheddar bunnies, wheat thins, cheerios, and pirate’s booty. 
• Iced Animal Crackers (yes, the delicious pink and white ones)
Drinks (in containers):
• Cucumber Water
• Lavender Lemonade (regular lemonade with handful of fresh lavender)
• Water Bottles
• Organic Milk for the kiddos
Party Favors:
Table Decor:
Can’t believe my little unicorn is one! 

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