Monthly Baby Photo Tips & Tricks

Over the last several years, or for as long as I’ve been paying attention, taking monthly photos of your adorable itty bitty baby has become quite the thing to do. And for good reason. Babies grow so incredibly fast, and that first year of their life (together with yours) is so rich with memories. Those are the memories you will miss the most. So when you think about it, you’re creating such a valuable keepsake not only for yourself but for your little one to look at when they get older. And why not add another thing to our growing list of things to remember when we’re getting no sleep and honestly can’t remember the last time we brushed our teeth. Ah, motherhood.



Since I’ve gone through the monthly photos of baby thing two times now (and experiencing several epic fails the first time around), I thought I would share some tips and tricks to get the most out of your monthly baby photos:

1. Choose the same backdrop. I like white because it lets you focus on your baby and their features.
2. Shoot at the same time of day for consistent lighting.
3. If using flowers, purchase them a few days before you plan to take the photo. This gives you ample time to actually enjoy them before cutting the stems off – and it gives the flowers time to open up.
4. On the flower topic, I liked using the same amount of flowers (one dozen) so we could really see how much she was growing. I learned this lesson AFTER taking her two-month photo (where we used two dozen roses).
5. Don’t worry about timing. I don’t think a single one of these photos was taken on the actual day she turned one month older. I always just tried to keep it within a week. Sometimes two.
6. Speaking of putting too much pressure on yourself, don’t try to get the ‘perfect photo.’ Some months your baby won’t want to sit still for photos and others they might be teething. Those are the little things you’ll want to remember. So don’t force it!
7. On choosing outfits: I always dressed Parker in what little outfits I loved her in at that age (which worked with a plain white backdrop).
Another great option (and something else we did with Parker) is taking photos in a plain ‘ol white onesie with these adorable monthly stickers. It’s a much less expensive option that produces the same sweet results. Don’t ask me why we did one of each, but I’m glad we did!

Have any other great tricks of the trade to share with other mamas here? Comment below!

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