The Jones Assembly

The Jones Assembly is sure to be the most popular hotspot in Oklahoma City for food, drinks and music. Located along historic Film Row in Downtown Oklahoma City, The Jones Assembly needs to be at the top of your to-do list if you live in the city or if you’re planning a visit. I was lucky enough to receive an invite to their soft opening last weekend where we (Scott and I) were able to try everything our little hearts desired. And boy did we.

The minute we walked in we were blown away by the size of the space (it’s huge!) and the way it was designed. Not a stone was left unturned. We immediately opted to sit at the bar towards the front because, well, we were ready for a drink. As soon as we sat down we were greeted by two of the kindest bartenders who told us so much about the history of the place.

While The Jones Assembly is clearly brand new, the history of the renovated warehouse it resides in dates back to the early 1900s when it was home to the Fred Jones Manufacturing Company. This company, pioneered by Fred Jones himself, was the largest Ford Motor company-authorized reconditioner of automotive products in the nation. You can see nods to these industrial roots throughout the space, from the lights hanging over the bar to vintage grills adorning the walls.

We really enjoyed sitting at the bar because not only did we have great conversation with each other and the bartenders, but we were able to watch them craft their amazing cocktails all night. I think that directly contributed to how much we drank, because we kept seeing new drinks that looked amazing! I started the night with a Frosé (my very first one) and it was ah-mazing. My next drink was a Hong Kong Phooey, which is a drink adapted from a bar in New York. I definitely recommend trying it because it’s unlike any drink I’ve ever had. Something I wish I would’ve tried, and what may have been the most ordered drink while we were at the bar, is the Disco Nap.  Scott started with the Dagwell Dixie, a roasted pecan-infused whiskey, and followed it up with a few more glasses. 

For dinner we started with an order of Scratch Biscuits served with honey butter. Just typing that is making my mouth water. If I didn’t have to share the plate with Scott, I would’ve easily eaten them all without any problem. For dinner I was boring (but felt guilty for my drinks and biscuits) and ordered a chicken salad, but my goodness it was delicious. Scott didn’t GAF and ordered the steak frites. He cleaned his entire plate off, as did I, so we both give the food an A+. If you’re a seafood person, our bartenders kept raving about all of the fish on the menu: octopus, tuna tartare and halibut. 

After we finished eating, our bartenders (bless them) encouraged us to go upstairs and visit another bar that served even more drinks that weren’t offered downstairs. But before we got there, we stumbled upon a slightly hidden, slightly romantic area with five big booths that overlooked the main dining area and stage. I’m telling you, every inch of this place is incredible. 

We finally made our way to the upstairs bar and it was giving me total Mad Men vibes. The drink menus were printed on pocket sized moleskin notebooks and the lights were low. I ordered a screen scratcher (see below) and Scott, typical male, ordered a glass of whiskey, again. On the other side of the room was a vintage collection of records and a record player that is ready for you to play whatever record you’d like, even if you brought one from home. Just all-around cool.

But my favorite part, if I had to narrow it down to one, was the outside area just to the left of the upstairs bar. The minute we walked outside I felt like we were in Palm Springs. And even though it was pretty warm outside, the patio was comfortable and breezy. 

Lastly, the outdoor space downstairs was just beautiful. I can only imagine how cool it will look at night with all of the lights. To the far left (I wish I would’ve taken a picture) were large rectangular windows that looked right into the kitchen. This area, combined with the dining area inside, can easily be repurposed for indoor/outdoor concerts. And if you haven’t heard, Willie Nelson will be performing here later this year. 
The Jones Assembly opens this Thursday, July 13th.
Go check it out! Scott and I will be going there all the time.

Will also add outfit details below:
Top | Jeans | Heels | Bag


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