Warby Parker Home Try-On Review

Warby Parker has become a household name in the spectacle world and their story is one to admire. When a few penny-pinching college kids decided to take on an industry dominated by one single  company in an effort to finally provide affordable glasses, Warby Parker was born. They completely eliminated traditional distribution channels and set out to design and produce their glasses in-house. All of these efforts led them to offer high-quality glasses at a fraction of the going price.

Speaking of non-traditional, Warby Parker pioneered the genius concept of home try-ons. This is such a smart way to capture more customers world-wide, especially when so many people do the majority of their shopping online. In order to participate in a home try-on, all you have to do is:

1. Visit the website and choose up to five pairs of glasses to try on. 
2. Create an account (no need for credit card info) and place your try-on order. 
3. Wait eagerly for them to arrive in the mail.
4. Try each pair on, referencing the fit guide that comes with your glasses. 
5. Order your favorite pair(s) on the website. They’ll send a shiny new pair with your prescription.
6. Use your pre-paid postage to send your try-on glasses back in the same box it arrived in. 

Sounds easy enough, right? It really is.

I’m currently in the try-on phase and I would love your feedback. I was really surprised to like so many pairs. As you read below you’ll see there is one pair that just didn’t work, but the other four are definite contenders. Let me know in the comments below which pair (or pairs) you think work best.

Pair #1: Laurel
I’m kicking it off with my favorite frames. I liked these from the moment I took them out of the box. I’m a big fan of the understated tortoise and these deliver just that. They’re lightweight and offer up enough room around my eyes so I don’t feel restricted.

Pair #2: Casey
I felt super duper retro in these. I love the cat eye on glasses and sunglasses because I think they can flatter any face shape. The only thing I worry about with these is the off-white color. Would they go with all of my outfits? Would they look dirty if I wore a white shirt? 

 Pair #3: Downing
Why the face, you ask? Well these frames, which were initially one of my top two picks when I was ordering them online, were crooked when I took them out of the package! Ugh. I tried to mold them back to normal but didn’t want to risk breaking them. In addition to this, my favorite mug suffered a big loss. Consider this a PSA to make sure your dishes are dishwasher safe before washing them, or else you’ll go to bed one night as a babe and then wake up as just a bab with no warning. (Side note: I feel like I was able to get these frames back to normal – you can’t even tell they’re crooked here!)

Pair #4: Kimball
I’m indifferent on these. I think the frames are a little too thick and the lenses are a just ittle too small for my face. I’m always drawn to these thicker, tortoise-colored glasses, but I just don’t know if these work with my features. What do you think? Too overpowering or totally J.Crew chic?

Pair #5: Chamberlain
These may be the most trendy of all, but oh my gosh I love them. I really like the shape of the lenses and the clear acetate frames don’t compete with any of my features. They’re girly, nonrestrictive and I know they will go with everything in my colorful closet. 

Okay, what do you think? Which two frames were your favorite? Realistically I only need one pair but, you know… a girl needs options. Let me know in the comments below. Thank you!!


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