Oversized Tuxedo Blazer

Outfit Details
Blazer. Destroyed Denim. Heels. Fur Scarf. Purse. Necklace.

A staple in most closets, although not always oversized, a classic black blazer can give your wardrobe life for years – even decades. While I do own a fitted blazer for more business-appropriate settings, I love the look of an oversized blazer for more casual outings. The length is also perfect to pair with shorter dresses or longer tunic topcs. But perhaps the best part of this outfit is the $5 men’s t-shirt from Walmart. I have a lot of crazy pieces in my closet: sequins, feathers, animal prints, rainbow stripes, you name it…. so I love having great basics on hand (like this tee) to pair them with.

Oh and if you happened to read my resolutions post (here), I’m excited/scared to say that I just signed up for a 10k in April! Four months to train should be enough, right? Right?!?!

Have a great weekend guys! Thanks so much for reading.


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