Making Memories with James Avery

To me, James Avery is much more than jewelry. It’s a symbol of so many things in our life that we hold dear. Whether its love, life, faith, passions or interests, it’s a way to hold memories close and people even closer when they are far away. It’s our personal story.

I got my first James Avery charm bracelet the summer before I started high school. Throughout those next four years, my parents would gift me charms for holidays and birthdays that would signify momentous occasions, like starting in my very first varsity soccer game or getting my first puppy. The morning of my high school graduation, I remember waking up to a small orange box on my nightstand. When I opened it up, I found a charm with my graduation year on it. Cue the tears! That was the last charm I added to my bracelet and it unintentionally created the perfect time capsule of my high school experience. I will certainly treasure it forever.

When Scott and I got married, we made a promise to each other in our wedding vows to never stop exploring the world together. We further solidified that promise with matching tattoos on our second wedding anniversary. Traveling is so important to us because it not only gets us out of our comfort zone, but it also teaches us so much about the world around us. It gives you incredible perspective to truly appreciate what you have at home. We hope to teach our kids the importance of perspective, knowledge and acceptance as they continue to grow and as we continue to explore together.
So in an effort to create another keepsake symbolizing our travels together, through our marriage and as a family, I couldn’t think of a better idea than to put together a new James Avery charm bracelet. The first charm I added was a RV Trailer for our trip to Marfa, Texas, where we stayed in an airstream trailer at El Cosmico. It was our first trip without the kids and it was incredible.

The second charm was a sand pail and shovel for Brady and Parker’s first trip to the beach last year. We went to Destin, Florida for my sister’s wedding and arrived a few days early to celebrate Parker’s first birthday. The kids were absolutely mesmerized by the beach and we will never forget those long days in the sand building castles and looking for crabs.

I cannot wait to add more charms to my bracelet as we continue to travel together as a family. We have a big trip in July and I’m excited to choose a charm to symbolize it when we return. I think it will be so cool for the kids to be able to look at my bracelet as they get older and recall all of the memories we’ve made.

Now. Are you ready for a charming deal?

Now through May 29, if you buy any two charms at James Avery, you’ll receive a charm bracelet or necklace for free! (Up to a $70 value.) With 15 free styles to choose from – more than ever before – the mix-and-match options are absolutely endless.
This is an amazing deal and one I hope you guys take advantage of. There are so many things in life to celebrate and remember, and this is one of my favorite ways to do just that. Not only for myself but for my friends and family too. It’s a gift they will forever.
Thanks for reading!

This post was sponsored by James Avery.


6 thoughts on “Making Memories with James Avery

  1. How fun! I love that trailer and your stripe robes are adorable! I can see a lot of fun times in that trailer!XOXOCathy

  2. Love that charm bracelet! I have one that I get a new charm for after every trip we take as a family!xo

  3. I loves James Avery and have a number of their items! All so cute and timeless. I have a ring from them that I wear every single day:)xoxo, Hannah

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