Confidence in Car Buying

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Autotrader; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I’m excited to talk about something a little different today. As you know, we will be welcoming our third little babe in just a few short months and one of the biggest things on our to-do list is upgrading our car. To be honest, getting a new car intimidates me quite a bit, which probably explains why I’m waiting until the last minute to do so. The whole idea of spending a small fortune in a matter of hours is something I’ve come to terms with because a bigger car is something we (I) really need, but the whole car-buying process in and of itself just makes me nervous. It’s one area of my life where I lack a lot of confidence and I want that to change. 

When I became a mama just over four years ago, my whole world (and perspective) changed. I immediately realized just how much responsibility I held in my own hands, having been blessed to shape and influence the life of my little guy. When we welcomed our daughter two years later, I felt even more responsibility to not only lead by example, but to be incredibly intentional with my words and actions. I also knew that I wanted my kids to see me as an equal to my husband, as in: anything daddy can do, mama can do too!
Having entered motherhood not knowing a single thing, I can say that it’s easily the biggest part of my life where I am the most confident. In terms of parenting, there are certainly days when I doubt myself or wish I would’ve handled a situation differently, but overall, knowing that I have two kind-hearted children who look up to me and love me makes me confident in just about everything I do. Something about their unspoken support and admiration pushes me to do more and be more than I ever thought possible. 

And that brings me back to buying a car. If I had to pinpoint one area of my life that I just don’t feel very comfortable or confident with, it’s cars: buying a car, dealing with car problems and trusting mechanics. I have always felt like if I’m by myself, car salesmen will try to take advantage of me and my car knowledge… or lack thereof. And honestly, it’s happened a few times before. 
I would never want my daughter to feel that way – in any capacity – when she grows up. As women, we are having a long-awaited moment right now and the whole world is taking notice. We are standing up for ourselves, equipping ourselves with knowledge and going after exactly what we want – and getting it. This is why I’m so excited to share a little bit about a new tool Autotrader is offering that lets us own the power of buying a car with confidence. It’s called the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor and it’s an incredibly convenient way to ensure you’re getting the best price possible on a car.

On each page, underneath the price for each car, there is a Kelley Blue Book logo and a hyperlink that says “Is this price in the Fair Market Range?” When you click on it, The Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor populates and shows you where the price currently falls for that vehicle within a range of options, those being below fair market range, in fair market range and above fair market range. It takes into consideration a number of factors, including your exact location, to tell you what you can reasonably expect to pay this week for the year, make and mileage of each vehicle.

This is the SUV I have my heart set on. We’re going to check it out this weekend with the kids and I’m looking forward to leading the conversation, negotiating prices and asking as many questions as I can. You better believe I will also pull up the Autotrader website on my phone to help back me up during the process, if it’s needed.

Whatever it is in your life that makes you feel less than confident, I hope you find the courage to face it head on and make the change you want! You’ve got this! 


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