Palm Print Wallpaper

Oh my goodness I have been bit by the wallpaper bug and my love for it continues to grow. Aside from the kids rooms, and now my kitchen nook area, our house is very white and grey. Our bedroom is another area I’ve been wanting to do something fun in but I didn’t want to go too crazy. I thought the easiest way to spruce things up would be to incorporate some wallpaper.

After spending hours and hours wallpapering our kitchen nook, I was really intrigued with the peel-and-stick wallpaper concept. For one, this process would make applying wallpaper so much quicker and easier, but it would also allow for a mess-free removal. I stumbled upon Coloray Decor one night on Instagram and fell in love with their wallpaper selection. As I did a little more research, I found out just how easy the peel-and-stick install process was. I was immediately hooked!
I sent Coloray Decor my wallpaper selection (my husband and I both fell in love with this oleander leaf print) and dimensions of the wall behind our bed. They then sent us pre-cut panels for each section just a few days later. We laid each panel out to ensure everything lined up and then got to work!

The process was a night and day difference from regular wallpapering. We went panel by panel, peeling the backing off of the paper and pushing it down on the wall – just like a sticker. If we ever got a small air bubble in the wallpaper, we just peeled that area off of the wall then pushed it back down. There was one panel where we did that a few times and it amazingly never lost any of its adhesive. It took us maybe one hour max to do our entire wall (including stopping to get one little princess up from her nap). Is that not the craziest thing you’ve ever heard?

I’m still so amazed by it all. The Coloray Decor wallpapers are unlike anything on the market right now. I’ve seen some really cute options at local stores, which will remain unnamed, but they were all thin and they only come in rolls so you’d have to manually match up the patterns panel by panel. The Coloray wallpaper is thick and sturdy so you’d never have to worry about it tearing. And where else can you get pre-cut wallpaper ready to go on your walls?! That was my biggest selling point.  

Shall we take a look at the “before” picture?
The best part of it all (and also my husband’s favorite part of it all) is that I can peel the wallpaper off at anytime (even though I have zero plans to do). If we were to move or if I got another wild hair and wanted to do a complete redesign, I could so without any trouble. The walls would be completely unaffected and I’d have a blank slate all over again! I live for that kind of flexibility.

Check out Coloray Decor’s entire collection of peel-and-stick wallpapers here.
Or, my personal favorite, see all of their floral wallpapers here.

Room Details
Wallpaper c/o. Nightstands. Headboard.

Thank you, Coloray Décor, for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.


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