Getting Organized with The Container Store

The last few weeks have been equal parts chaotic and productive at our house. As we prepare to become a family of five, one of the biggest things on our to-do list is getting our house organized. Thankfully, a new store just so happened to open in Oklahoma City last weekend and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
The Container Store was my happy place when we lived in Dallas and I’m so excited to finally have one here in Oklahoma City! It’s full of everything you could ever need to organize and color code your entire house – from your pantry and garage to your closet and workspace. So, in an effort to prepare our house for baby number three, we made a list of a few “high kid traffic” areas to focus on and started shopping.
1. Kitchen Cabinets
The first stop on our list was our kitchen cabinets – specifically those that hold all of the kids’ water bottles and Sippy cups. Having cups topple out all over the counter was becoming a weekly (sometimes daily) occurrence and I knew that once we added baby bottles in there, we were going to need some serious help. We perused an entire aisle full of shelves for cabinets and decided on these. We loved how easily they allowed us to maximize the space inside each cabinet; we even went back for more!

2. Kids Toys
I’m sure most parents can relate when I say that our house is covered in toys at all times. I’ve made several attempts to organize their toys in the best way possible, but to no avail. Some of those routes included using large plastic storage bins with cute name tags and even little personalized wicker baskets that filled up their entire bookshelf. Good ideas in theory, but after pulling somewhat heavy baskets full of Hot Wheels off the shelves themselves (ouch) and always seeming to need my help opening different storage bins when I’m right in the middle of preparing dinner, I decided it was time to find something they could easily and safely access themselves. We saw these stacked toy bins and immediately knew they would be perfect. You can stack them as high as you want but we decided to keep it relatively low so it’s as easy as possible for them to reach. The other good thing about these bins is that it makes for super easy clean-up!

3. Jewelry
Okay so I know this isn’t a “high kid traffic” area but in the midst of the wonderland that is The Container Store, I decided I needed to get myself a little organized too. Their options for organizing jewelry are endless and as soon as I made my way down that aisle, I knew there was no turning back. After all, I’m going to be the one nursing at all hours of the night and taking care of three kids, so I may as well do something that makes me feel a little more sane, right?! Prior to getting this jewelry box, acrylic bracelet holder and necklace stand, all of my jewelry was stored on a three tier serving stand. Cute for sure, but definitely the opposite of organized.

4. Entryway

Finally, we focused on our back entryway. One of our rules when we come into our house is to always take our shoes off. What that has turned into is a log jam in our laundry room when we enter from the garage because the kids stop immediately and take off their shoes and backpacks right there (which also leaves our laundry room a mess). When this happens, Scott and I usually have to stand right there in the doorway until we can get inside, step over all of their stuff and actually close the door. To remedy this, we thought we would try to utilize the space we have right when you exit the laundry room. As you can see, we found a great entryway bench that fit the space perfectly. We also picked up this white ledge wall shelf to place our family calendar on above. We all agree that it has turned out to be the best possible way to use this space. (Speaking of our laundry room, we picked up this bamboo laundry hamper too!)

Shop all of the products listed above here:

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This post is sponsored by The Container Store. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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