Trader Joe’s Must-Have Pumpkin Products

Trader Joe’s holds a very dear place in my heart, especially during the fall and winter months when all of their seasonal products come out. I was the girl this year that called Trader Joe’s on a Friday afternoon in early September to ask the store manager when they would be expecting their first shipment of pumpkin products. Long story short, I was there with bells on THE day they began placing their pumpkin products on the shelves. You’d have thought it was Christmas morning in my world. I bought it all. 

The Pumpkin Cranberry Crips are my favorite for charcuterie trays or just plain snacking. The pumpkin flavor is very demure and the cranberries give the crisps a great texture. If you’re a fan of rosemary, you’ll definitely want to pick up this Asiago and Rosemary Cheese while you’re there too. It is amazing. 

While this Haunted House Cookie Kit (as well as the Ghosts & Bats Potato Snacks which are so light and delicious) aren’t necessarily pumpkin products, they are still essentially a fun seasonal product, right? Well, I’ve included them anyway because the kids absolutely love them! We always have so much fun putting together a gingerbread house every Christmas so when I saw this haunted house in the store, I knew the kids would go crazy over it too. When I was checking out, the two cashiers oohed and aahed over how good the haunted house is to eat as well. I have to say that Brady certainly loved it. Parker opted for some of the uber-popular pumpkin spice iced cookies, as did I. 

In what may be one of my favorite new finds this year, the Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Baking Mix totally blew me away. The flavor in this mixture is unreal and it was so easy to make. I chopped up fresh walnuts and topped each muffin with them before putting in the oven and they give it that extra bit of texture I love. If you get anything this year, definitely get this mix. I think it was $1.99 and man is it worth it. 
To recap some of the other products I didn’t specifically call out above: The Autumnal Harvest Pasta Sauce is so much better than I would’ve ever thought. My husband isn’t a fan of pumpkin and he loves this! We pair it with the Fall Zucchette Pasta to the right. 
Two of my favorite items this year are the Pumpkin Toaster Pastries and the Greek Nonfat Pumpkin Yogurt cups. The flavor in unreal without being overwhelmingly pumpkin. We’ve already gone back to buy a second box of pastries and I know we’ll be getting more yogurt because literally everyone always wants their own cup! These two products and the Pumpkin O’s are all very festive breakfast options that our family loves. 
The Petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies are a seasonal version of the regular iced cookies they normally have, but my goodness, these are amazing. We actually went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and there was one box of these left on the shelf! The Pumpkin Joe-Joes are another great treat that resemble a classic cookie we’re all familiar with except the filling has the perfect pumpkin spice flavor. 
The Fall Harvest Salsa lists pumpkin puree as an ingredient but it’s not super noticeable. The flavors in the salsa, however, do resemble fall in some kind of way and it tastes amazing. Again, my husband loves it which means it will have a place on our shelf in perpetuity/until we run out. My guess is Trader Joe’s will stop stocking it when all of their gingerbread products come out. 
Is my Trader Joe’s pumpkin obsession scaring you or can you totally relate? 
Also, if you have a favorite fall product from Trader Joe’s that I haven’t included here, leave me a comment below! I promise to go straight to the store and try it. 

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