Lightbox Moments that Shine

We’re only a few days away from our little man’s due date and we’re all getting so excited to meet him! Every morning when the kids wake up they ask me if their little brother is coming today and it’s so darn cute.  I always tell them, “he’s going to surprise us!” and they get quite a kick out of it. But at this point, it feels as if we are just watching the clock together. Once you get to a certain point, it really is a waiting game that is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. 
Going through this pregnancy with a toddler and kindergartener hasn’t always been easy but it has been so rewarding just to be able to share this whole experience with them. They are so curious about everything that’s going on and have been right by my side every step of the way – even going to my ultrasound appointments (which has led to them asking the sonogram tech 50 questions about their brother every time). But it’s moments like these that I will always treasure when I look back on this pregnancy. It all goes by so fast! 
I’m a very sentimental gal and have always loved finding something to remember each pregnancy by with my husband. When I saw this baby blue necklace and matching earrings from Lightbox Jewelry a few months ago, I knew I had hit the jackpot. Lightbox is an innovative jewelry company that is pioneering the creation of beautiful lab-grown diamonds in-house. The entire process of growing a diamond in a lab is mesmerizing and something I didn’t even realize was possible. They share the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as rare, natural diamonds and even though they aren’t as valuable or precious, they are still just as sparkly. 
As we know, nature created diamonds over a billion years ago in a number of shapes and sizes. The larger the diamond, the rarer it is. So, with each diamond being that unique, it makes sense that they are all priced individually. At Lightbox, the pricing is very transparent ($800 per carat) and you can choose exactly what size and shape you’d like since they can literally create it from scratch. Is that not the coolest thing you’ve ever heard?
Another thing I love about this company is their overall mission to lighten up everyday moments. While natural diamonds have a well-deserved reputation for celebrating special occasions and larger-than-life milestones, Lightbox lab-grown diamonds are here for celebrating everyday moments, like birthdays, game days and “just because” days. For us, we think it’s the perfect way to celebrate the birth of our little boy! It’s also a great reminder to make the most out of every moment with my babies because this time is fleeting faster than I’d ever like it to.  

This post is sponsored by Lightbox. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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