A Meaningful Christmas with James Avery

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but they may very well be the busiest for mothers. After all, we are the ones who put those coveted Christmas lists together, purchase most if not all of the presents, wrap them, hide the special ones from Santa (then have to remember where we put them on Christmas Eve), schedule Christmas photos, order Christmas cards, mail Christmas cards, bake holiday treats, plan holiday gatherings and so on. We spend so much time making sure the holidays are magical for our families that we may very well miss out on experiencing the magic ourselves.

This is why I am all about taking a timeout to give yourself a gift during the holidays. And I’m not talking about a pair of leopard booties that are half off on Black Friday (because you should totally get those anyway); I’m talking about a gift that truly means something to you. We’re living in a beautiful time right now where self-love is encouraged everywhere you look and women are finally harnessing their power and finding their voice. There’s no better time than now, in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, to show yourself that love. You deserve it!

So what did I choose to gift myself this year, you ask? You know, after six years of solely focusing on my kids (and let me be clear in the fact that I still am completely focused on them), I wanted to get myself something that would remind me of who I am. My identity now is much different than it was six years ago and I know so many other mothers out there can relate. While I absolutely love being “mama” now to three beautiful kids, I also love the fun spontaneous girl who would sing Something Corporate at the top of her lungs in her convertible with the top down when it was 40 degrees outside, or walk into a gas station to purchase a pack of gum with a motocross helmet on just to get a laugh. I never want to forget her and I want my kids to know that side of me someday too (without inheriting too much of my wild and crazy ways).

As you may know, I’m a big fan of James Avery and have been since I was little. I actually talk about my history with James Avery and what I would always get there when I was younger in this post. I think it’s important to note that James Avery is much more than a store. It’s a way to tell our story through timeless pieces that are specifically created to celebrate life.  So when I decided to give myself something this year, I knew it was going to be from James Avery.

After perusing their new releases, I found these initial earrings. They immediately piqued my interest because every piece of jewelry I own with an initial on it is not actually mine. You see, with each child, I received either a bracelet or necklace with their initials on it. I absolutely cherish each piece I received and will continue to do so. I just thought it was wild I didn’t own anything with my own initials on it. I knew these beautiful and dainty earrings would be the perfect addition to my jewelry box and they certainly are. They encompass all that I was and all that I am, and I am very proud of the woman I am today. 

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This post is sponsored by James Avery. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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