Almay Lip Vibes

I recently received the cutest care package from Almay filled with their newest lip collection called Lip Vibes. There are 24 different shades in the collection and as you may have noticed above, each one is wrapped in a bold mantra to go along with whatever mood we’re in. They come in a variety of finishes like matte, cream and two shimmery toppers (to wear alone of layered over another shade) and they all contain vitamins E and C and shea butter. 
Let me just tell you, I have had more fun trying on all of these different lip shades than I have doing anything else lately. Maybe that’s because I’ve been at home trying to entertain three kids over the holidays and I’m going a little stir-crazy? Who knows. I held out on opening everything until my sister got into town from Houston because I knew she’d be all about trying on some new products with me. Parker even joined us for a bit and we let her run off with the “Shake it Up” lip topper. The verdict: We both loved how smooth the shades go on (thank you, shea butter!) and how well they provide coverage. We also immediately commented on how it almost doesn’t even feel like you are putting anything on because it’s so light, soft and moisturizing. This is key for sporting lip colors through ought the winter when lips are prone to drying out! 
My favorite so far is “Smile.” It’s the orangey-red shade I’m wearing above that reminds me of J.Crew’s Fall 2010 Collection – my absolute favorite collection to date!

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