February Favorites from Bath & Body Works

My love for Bath & Body Works goes all the way back to the late 90’s when my girlfriends and I would walk around in clouds of Juniper Breeze, Cucumber Melon and Sun-Ripened Raspberry. Anyone who was anyone in middle school had a travel size body spray in their locker next to a few spare butterfly clips and an *NSYNC poster (or Backstreet Boys, if that was your thing). 
So, a few months ago when Bath & Body Works asked me if I was interested in being a brand ambassador for 2019, I obviously couldn’t say yes fast enough. Full transparency: what this essentially means is Bath & Body Works sends me a goodie box full of new products each month, I get to try them all out and then share my favorites with you if I choose to do so. It’s a no pressure partnership and that’s why I love them so much. My February box was overflowing with all kinds of pink goodies. I couldn’t wait to dive in! 
Parker gets equally as excited when our boxes arrive each month so I’ve been letting her choose a few things for her to keep too. This month she chose the Rosewater & Ivy hand sanitizer to keep on her backpack and the Watermelon Lemonade hand cream. Oh my goodness this hand cream, you guys. It smells amazing! We spent the better part of our weekend applying it every five minutes, per Parker’s request. 

The first thing I grabbed out of the box was the Wallflower bottle. I’ve always loved the Wallflowers because they’re a much cuter version of a boring plug-in air freshener and they come in all of your favorite Bath & Body Works scents. This new scent is called ‘Champagne Toast’ and it is so good! The simple design of this Wallflower works perfectly in our kitchen nook with our flamingo wallpaper too! 
Another immediate favorite from my box is their new Cactus Blossom candle. Ah it is so good. It reminds me of a shop we visited in Marfa, Texas and makes me so ready for warm weather and a cold margarita. Just leaving the candle open on the counter (not lit) fills an entire room with it’s yummy aroma. 

One thing I didn’t realize Bath & Body Works had were masks – and a wide variety at that! Last week a girlfriend and I opened some wine and gave our faces a little TLC. We jumped on the under eye mask first because, hello #momlife #sotired, and we thought they smelled amazing! They left our under eye area super soft, supple and moisturized. We followed that up with the bubbling sheet mask with charcoal and were cracking up the entire time. The mask fizzes and foams when it’s on your face and, oh my goodness, our skin felt amazing when we washed it off – almost as if we had given our faces a deep clean. The lip mask was also a surprise for me. It’s a little weird to keep something on your lips for 15 minutes, but we couldn’t believe how soft our lips were after.  It’s crazy how much you feel like you have your shit together after you do a face mask. My girlfriend and I were ready to take on the world! But then we kept drinking wine and talking about the Bachelor for another hour, so… maybe next time. 

And in saving the best for last, Bath & Body Works new collection of rose scented goodies were my absolute favorite. The Rosewater and Ivy room spray is so soft and heavenly. The Rose Fine Fragrance Mist will be going everywhere with me now – it like a stronger, sweeter version of those rose water face mists we all have and love. The Aromatherapy “Love” Body Cream is a mix of rose and vanilla, just like the Pillow Mist, and it’s also absolutely amazing. Scott loved the smell of them which is always a telltale sign of a good product!

If you have any questions about any of these products, let me know in the comments below! 
Thanks for reading!  

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