Ice Cream Wallpaper | An Epic Kids Room Makeover

When we found out we were expecting early last year, we starting thinking bedroom logistics. We have a 3-bedroom house and at that current time, Brady (4) and Parker (2) had their own rooms.  We thought it obviously made the most sense to move them into a room together so Charlie could have his own nursery and I’d have everything I needed in one place during late night feedings and diaper changes. Brady and Parker are inseparable most of the time so we knew they would love staying together in the same room. (Update: we were right!) 

The next step was figuring out how to decorate their new room. Brady’s room, at that current state, was all blue and all boy. Finding a balance of feminine and masculine was going to be tricky and I knew it. I spent weeks – maybe even months – trying to figure out what exactly to do. It wasn’t until I started looking at different wallpapers that I realized this was the avenue I wanted to go down. After another lengthy search for the perfect wallpaper, I found Rebel Walls (cue the angels singing from above) and fell head over heels in love with this dripping ice cream print. “This is it!” I remember squealing to Scott as he was drifting off to sleep next to me late one night, scaring him half to death.

There are so many things I love about Rebel Walls, but one of them was the fact that they will send you samples of the wallpaper before you go all in. When I received my samples in the mail (the ice cream print plus four others), I shared a picture on Instagram and asked everyone which one their favorite was. The ice cream won by a landslide, clearly. But, before making my final decision, I combed through the website one more time and found this amazing Dalmatian print. This tripped me up a bit because I literally started to go back and forth on what wallpaper to get. If I did the Dalmatian print, I knew I could bring in color in all sorts of ways – sheets, lamps and other decor. If I did the ice cream print, well, it would just be so much fun. To me, the Dalmatian was safer and the ice cream was exciting. So, after all that back-and-forth (honestly, it was like a two-week ordeal), I, with the help of my esteemed four-year-old, decided on the ice cream. Scott was just happy I made a decision. (And I was still able to incorporate Dalmatian print with their bed sheets!)

Now because I did choose this super colorful print, I decided to only do two accent walls (vs. the entire room). We left those two walls painted blue and painted the rest of the room white. Once the white paint dried, I could not wait to get started. We unrolled and organized all of the panels in the living room, mixed up the wallpaper adhesive, and went to town.

I think the whole application process took us three or four hours which is utterly amazing compared to my other installs. I credit this to Rebel Walls pre-cutting your wallpaper into panels which saves so much time! This design itself made it super easy to line the wallpaper up as well. If you look close enough below, you can just barely see where the panels line up.

I recently asked on Instagram if anyone had any questions about wallpaper — the installation process, DIY vs. hiring someone, etc. — and I received so many great ones! Check them out below…

Q: How easy is wallpaper to do by yourself?

A: It depends on what type of wallpaper you are getting and how complicated your room is. Doing this room was a breeze for two reasons: the wallpaper was pre-cut into strips using our dimensions (which was a total game changer and a huge reason why I love Rebel Walls so much) and we did two mostly solid walls. The whole process took us about 4 hours. If I was doing a small powder bathroom where we had to work around a sink, pipes, multiple windows, etc., I would probably hire someone to save me the headache of cutting into the wallpaper too much. When you get rolls of wallpaper that you also have to line up and cut yourself, that’s when it starts taking a lot of time. Peel-and-stick wallpaper, on the other hand, is also super easy to do but you’ll want to be sure you have someone helping you.

Q: We have textured walls, so I’ve always assumed we couldn’t use wallpaper. Is that true or do you know of any options?

A: We have lightly textured walls and have had no problem with our wallpaper in this room or in our kitchen nook! With the paper and the adhesive, it melts in nicely with the texture. The one place where we did have a problem was in our bedroom where we did peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Q: How much square footage of wallpaper do you buy compared to the wall? 

A: I always add 2 inches (5 cm) to the height and width of my wall measurements. This gives you some wiggle room, especially if your walls are a little uneven.

Q: Do you start install in the center of the wall or in one end/corner?

A: On all three occasions installing wallpaper, I’ve always started in the left corner and worked left to right. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to start it – I just personally found it easier to do it this way.

Q: What do you do with the windows since you don’t have trim?

A: I ran the wallpaper over the window by an extra inch, then I used an x-acto knife to cut the wallpaper to the very corner of the window perimeter.


The highlight of this whole process was getting to see Brady and Parker’s faces when they walked into THEIR new room. I think the hardest part for Parker was losing her own pretty pink room and so with this makeover, she really felt like this room was just as much hers and it was Brady’s. That made it all worth it.

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Here’s a look at their room before the makeover (shortly after Parker moved in):

Huge thank you to Rebel Walls for partnering on this post!

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