DIY Advent Calendar

Advent season is here! I searched high and low for advent calendars over the last few months without much luck. The really cute ones were way out of our price range and the inexpensive ones just weren’t super exciting to me. So, after seeing an incredible DIY from Amy at The Ever Co, I was inspired to follow her lead and create my own! The process is super simple and really fun to do too! Let’s jump in.
All you really need here is an advent box, paint, number stickers, and ribbons or any other accessories you’d like! After I picked my paint colors, I took all of the boxes out and gave them each two coats of paint. Once everything was completely dry, I let Brady help me add stickers to each box. It probably took 30-45 minutes total to do this. So easy!

I love love loved the way it turned out! It immediately found a nice spot on our kitchen counter and definitely added some color to the space. But, after trying to add all of the goodies (the boxes are pretty small),  I decided to take it a step further. I enlisted the help of my husband who drilled holes in the sides and top of the advent box, and I looped some craft wire throughout each, creating a “v” at the top to hang from a hook. Then, I used different strings and ribbons to hang various items that corresponded with what I put in each box.
The best part about this advent calendar is you can really make it unique to you, your kids and your home! When it came to filling the boxes, I opted for more experience-related things versus toys and candy. However, I did sprinkle in some treats here and there to keep things fun and exciting — and to give myself a break on some days too – ha! Here’s what our advent calendar is filled with:
  1. Make S’mores! (Hershey’s + Marshmallow inside.)
  2. Decorate a window! (Christmas window clings inside.) 
  3. Christmas stickers.
  4. Look at Christmas lights! (Tiny plastic Christmas lightbulbs inside.)
  5. Miniature Lego toys. 
  6. Watch a Christmas movie! 
  7. Sleepover at Nana and Papas! 
  8. Build a Gingerbread House! (Peeps Gingerbread man inside.)
  9. Color a Christmas picture! (Crayons inside with Christmas coloring book hiding nearby.) 
  10. 10. Top Golf with Mama & Daddy! 
  11. Christmas candy. 
  12. Two $2 Bills. 
  13. Do Christmas crafts! 
  14. We’re meeting Santa today!
  15. Make Christmas ornaments!
  16. Eat candy canes. (Candy canes hanging.)
  17. Have a Hot Wheel race! (New Hot Wheels inside.)
  18. Miniature Play-doh cartons.
  19. Have a Christmas party! (Christmas confetti inside.)
  20. Christmas movie night! (Popcorn inside.)
  21. Hot chocolate date! (Two $5 Starbucks cards hanging.)
  22. Let’s go see the Nutcracker!
  23. Make Christmas cookies! (Cookie cutters above.)
  24. Merry Christmas Eve! You get to open one gift under the tree!
  25. Merry Christmas! We love you! (Hershey kisses inside.) 
Cheers to making the holidays a magical time with your little ones!

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