Motherhood Essentials: The OXO Tot Splash + Store Bathtub

There is nothing quite like bath time with a cute little babe. We’ve had so much fun over the years with all of our little ones, and honestly, it’s been so cool to see how far infant bathtubs have come. 
When it comes to baby baths, there are two stages that have always been a little more nerve-racking for me: the newborn stage and the sitting-up-but-still-unstable stage. Thankfully, I discovered the OXO Tot Splash + Store bathtub when Charlie was right around this second stage. He was too big for his infant tub but too little and too unstable for the big tub. This was everything I needed! 

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Let’s chat about some of my favorite features: 
It’s specifically designed to grow with your little one, from 0-18 months! One end of the tub is more narrow to accommodate newborns comfortably and the other, wider end accommodates babies who can sit up. There’s also a built-in support post that adds a little extra reassurance for baby. In addition to having plenty of room to splash (which Charlie loves to do), the walls are also high enough to keep the water contained. 
At the top of the tub, there is a swiveling hook that allows you to hang it on showerheads or rods for quick drying. You can also slide it behind the tub when storing it. Speaking of storing, the incredibly easy way that this tub expands and collapses is probably my favorite part. It takes all but two seconds to do either! 
As a mother of three, if someone asked me to design the perfect bathtub, the OXO Tot Splash + Store bathtub would clearly be it. It’s very evident in the tub’s design and functionality that a lot of time was spent considering real-life needs, including the right support! That’s all we can really ask for, right? 

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This post has been sponsored by OXO Tot. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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