Current Favorite Children’s Books

Books hold such a special place in our hearts. They are full of adventure, discovery, and life lessons. I love watching my little ones’ imagination and curiosity grow with each new story we read together. In fact, reading books to children – even newborns – develops and strengthens their vocabulary, memory, and listening skills at a very young age. It’s such a simple act that reaps such a big reward. 
“There is more treasure in books than in all of the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney
Over the last few months at home, we’ve really immersed ourselves in our books. We’ve read and reread just about everything on our bookshelves. So much so that I decided it was time to add some new ones to our collection. But, before hopping on a big-box retailer website, I reached out to one of my favorite small businesses in Oklahoma City, The Painted Door. As we’re all aware, we’re living in a very strange and unique time right now, and small businesses need our support now more than ever. 
The Painted Door had just opened back up for curbside service and recently received a new shipment of children’s books, so it was quite literally serendipity. I spent some time looking through each new book and made sure to pick and choose ones that were equally educational and entertaining. We ended up with a great variety and I wanted to share them with you in case you’re in the same boat as us! 
Parker with her three favorite books.
This lighthearted and whimsical tale is about an elephant ballerina who doesn’t give up on following her dreams, especially when the odds are against her. It’s absolutely precious. Brady has an elephant named Ellie that he’s loved since he was born and Parker, of course, loves anything to do with ballerinas, so this book caught my eye right away. It’s such a sweet story! 
Coco Chanel has always been one of my biggest inspirations. From her bravery and resilience at an early age to creating the most coveted, most exquisite fashion label in the world. Her impact is immeasurable. While we have a handful of children’s books about Coco Chanel, this is a brand new one that we just had to have. The book explores Coco’s early life, celebrates her creativity, and shows the ways her imaginative spirit led her to grow into one of the most beloved fashion icons in the world. 
This book is actually second in a serious of Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris books. I had no idea. And now we have all of them because they are just the cutest books in the world. Claris herself is a delightful and unassuming little mouse who moved to Paris to follow her fashion dreams. This specific tale follows Claris as she solves a fashion emergency and does everything she can to get to the fashion show on time! 
At home, we do our best to foster an environment full of positivity and encouragement. We always want our kids to know that they can do anything and everything they set their minds to. No matter what direction (or directions, because it’s okay to have more than one passion) they choose, we will always be their biggest and loudest supporters. With that said, I get super excited when I find books that share these same sentiments. These two do just that and I love reading them to the kids!
Not only is this book super colorful, but it full of inspiring messages to let little ones know that they are unique and amazing. It reminds me of a modern take on Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. Throughout the pages, little ones are encouraged to be themselves because there is really no one like them. 
This is another super cute book full of big bright pictures and uplifting words. It celebrates everything that makes our little ones special, from their kindness and curiosity to milestones big and small. It would also make a great birthday book too! 
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In addition to learning all kinds of cool facts about animals in this book, it also glows in the dark! This one is Brady’s favorite from our new collection. In the book, kids explore animals that come out at night in different habitats across the globe. The pages are filled with fact boxes that call out the names of the animals and their unique qualities. Such a cool one! 
If you’re a fan of Gray Malin, the photographer famous for his creative photos around the globe with animals and balloons, and now author, you’ll love this book! Not only did he pen this whimsical tale about animals who live and work at The Parker Palm Springs, but he took all of the amazing photography too. 
I’ll admit this book is geared more towards little ones but we all get such a kick out of reading it together. If you’re familiar with the baby product line Lucy Darling, then you’ll be happy to know the same husband and wife team are the creative minds behind this interactive book. Throughout the book, you meet all kinds of different animals and the silly ways they say goodbye, like “see you later, alligator!”
This is a wonderful book with a great message about making room for everyone. Throughout its bright and colorful pages, it tells the tale of a little house deep in the woods with nine neat windows and a red front door. Slowly, more and more animals try to make it their home. As space runs out, they work together to figure out how to accommodate everyone. 
Don’t judge a book by its cover. This timely, empowering, and education book proves that colors are for everyone! Girls can like the color blue and boys can like pink too! Through creative words and photos, it eliminates cultural norms and encourages kids to be themselves. Such a refreshing thing to see! 
What books are you and your little ones reading right now? I’d love to know! And don’t forget, The Painted Door ships nationwide and offers curbside pickup service at their Downtown Oklahoma City storefront. Please consider supporting them if you can. And if you do pay them a visit, tell them I said hello! 
Thank you so much for reading!

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