Howdy, I’m Jen. Queen of the Kubes house. Fashion + travel enthusiast. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Business owner. Creative to the bone. Proudest mama you’ll ever meet!

House of Kubes is a creative space where I share all of the things I’m passionate about ā€“ motherhood, fashion, travel, baking, and beyond. After blogging for 10 years, I’ve come to realize how important it is to stay true to myself and focus on what really sets my soul on fire. At the end of the day, I want what I spend my time on to bring me insane amounts of joy. I’m doing that here. Everything you see is a labor of pure love. I hope you enjoy all of my content as much as I love creating it.



As a mother of three, I can confidently say that there is no greater gift or more effective workout than being a mother. My kids are my entire life and they are the reason I quit my high-profile marketing job to stay home with them and start my own advertising agency. We celebrate every holiday with flair and love sharing our activities, books, adventures, fashion, and activities with you here.


A little nomad at heart, I’ve always dreamed of visiting and living in far away places. My family traveled frequently when I was younger and when I look back on my childhood, those trips are some of the best memories I have. After having my own kids, I became even more passionate about exploring the world with them by my side. To see your children experience new places, cultures, and ways of life is such an incredible thing. Not only are their perceptions of the world changing in real-time, they are learning just how big and diverse our planet is at such a young age. This gives me hope and peace knowing they will grow up with a heart for others and a grounded understanding of how our diversity truly brings us together.


With a degree in apparel merchandising, a minor in advertising, and a focus on photography, you could say a blog of this nature was destiny. Fashion itself has always been my biggest passion since I was a little girl. Never one to shy away from color, you’ll find me in bold prints, bright patterns, and more sequins than you can count. I firmly believe that life is way too short to wear boring clothes.


My journey with food has been a unique one. After turning completely vegan in college (after watching a documentary I can never unsee), I couldn’t seem to find the right way to maintain a balanced diet. To be blunt, I lost way too much weight. I slowly began eating meat again a year or so later ā€“ then slowly settled in on a vegetarian diet. This is a lifestyle that has really stuck with me. However, I’ll go a year or six months completely vegetarian, then crave a burger. Today, I try to not limit myself with titles like “vegan” or “vegetarian” and simply eat as intuitively as possible. Here, you’ll find mainly vegan and vegetarian recipes, and lots of sweet treats ā€“ because if there is one thing I’m consistent with, it’s sugar!

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