Christmas Gift Ideas for One-Year-Olds

Our little Charlie was just under two months old last Christmas, so we’re really looking forward to experiencing the magic of the season with him this year! In this gift guide, I’ve compiled some of Charlie’s favorite toys from his first birthday party and a handful of things we’ll have under the tree for him this year. How fun is that floor piano, by the … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for One-Year-Olds

Our Favorite Holiday Recipes with McCormick

Some of my best holiday memories involve being in the kitchen, from baking homemade apple pies with my Grandma to meticulously decorating sugar cookies for the man in the big red suit. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved to bake and experiment with different types of food and spices. That love and curiosity is something that has always stuck with me … Continue reading Our Favorite Holiday Recipes with McCormick

Christmas Books for Kids

It’s no secret we love our holiday books, but Christmas books just might be our favorite of them all. There’s always something so magical about Christmas stories. Perhaps it’s their underlying messages of hope and inspiration, and endless opportunities to let little ones’ imaginations run wild. We added a few more books to our collection this year and I can’t recommend them enough. Keep reading … Continue reading Christmas Books for Kids

Halloween Boo Bark

This super simple recipe doubles as a fun afternoon activity for little ones. It really encourages their creativity! You can pick and choose just about any ingredients you’d like–from the toppings to the bark itself. I usually opt for white chocolate bark so you can see all of the fun toppings. Plus, if you decide to color the bark, white is obviously the perfect canvas. … Continue reading Halloween Boo Bark

Charlie’s Wild One First Birthday

Charlie’s first birthday seemed to come out of nowhere at warp speed. How is my little baby boy one? I’m sure mamas everywhere ask themselves that too! It’s been the absolute best year with Charlie — one of my most challenging for sure but my most rewarding by far. When it came time to plan his party, I already knew what I wanted his theme to be because he emulates it every single day – WILD!  Continue reading Charlie’s Wild One First Birthday

Halloween Monster Cookies

Looking for a quick and clever way to encourage your little ghouls to get creative in the kitchen? I’ve got you! These spooky Halloween Monster Cookies are a snack, craft and activity all rolled into one! The entire process is super simple too — which isn’t always the case with littles ones in the kitchen, am I right?  The kids and I made these for … Continue reading Halloween Monster Cookies