How I Avoid Social Media Comparison

It’s absolutely true what they say about comparison. Not only does it steal your joy, but it gets you into a mindset that’s just not conducive to anything positive. When you compare yourself, your view becomes distorted. You diminish your own value and disconnect yourself from your own life and everything in it. Yet, we all do it. Why? The tendency to compare ourselves to others … Continue reading How I Avoid Social Media Comparison

Vegan Key Lime & Avocado Cheesecake Bites

What better way to kick off the summer than with a delicious vegan cheesecake. Wait a minute. A vegan cheesecake? Yes, you read that right! It’s now easier than ever to prepare a rich and decadent cheesecake that’s completely vegan, gluten and dairy-free thanks to a new plant-based cream cheese from Kite Hill made from artisian almond milk. I scooped mine up at our local … Continue reading Vegan Key Lime & Avocado Cheesecake Bites

Benefits of Vitamin C with SkinCeuticals

Vitamin C is our skin’s best friend. It’s anti-aging benefits have been proven over and over again, and it’s a natural protectant from damage – especially the sun’s harmful UVA and UBV rays. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and the sole purpose of antioxidants are to protect our cells from damage. Think about it. We drink it when we’re sick to strengthen our immune response … Continue reading Benefits of Vitamin C with SkinCeuticals

Trending Now: Monochromatic Outfits

While many fashion sites claim monochromatic looks are this season’s hottest trend, it’s hard for me to imagine a time when wearing one color wasn’t in style. I’ve always loved the clean and simple approach to putting together a monochromatic outfit. It may not pack the same punch as a color-blocked or pattern-mixed ensemble, but the outcome it delivers is just as striking.  Worried your … Continue reading Trending Now: Monochromatic Outfits

Riffraff’s New Mama & Me Collection

To celebrate Riffraff’s Mama & Me Collection that just launched today, the kids and I put on our matching shirts and headed to the kitchen to make our favorite sea salt chocolate chip cookies (recipe below). There are eight adorable sets in this collection (check them all out here) but this wild child set was love at first sight. Perhaps it’s because two-thirds of my children currently think … Continue reading Riffraff’s New Mama & Me Collection

Ice Cream Wallpaper | An Epic Kids Room Makeover

When we found out we were expecting early last year, we starting thinking bedroom logistics. We have a 3-bedroom house and at that current time, Brady (4) and Parker (2) had their own rooms.  We thought it obviously made the most sense to move them into a room together so Charlie could have his own nursery and I’d have everything I needed in one place … Continue reading Ice Cream Wallpaper | An Epic Kids Room Makeover