Where to Buy Designer Bags for Less

After receiving my first Louis Vuitton bag in college, my entire viewpoint on handbags changed. To me, it made much more sense to invest in a nice handbag that would last me the rest of my life rather than pick up a trendy bag that would last me a few years at a fast fashion retailer. Keep in mind I’m not someone who can regularly afford an assortment of … Continue reading Where to Buy Designer Bags for Less

Blush Candy Stripe Dress

With your third child, your belly immediately makes its presence known. Your body knows what’s up and all of your organs take their marching orders pretty quickly. So when all of my jeans stopped fitting around the 10-week mark, I embarked on a journey for cute maternity (and non-maternity) clothes. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I love to get creative during … Continue reading Blush Candy Stripe Dress

Favorite Spots in Oklahoma City

A few weeks ago I discovered a new company called Whaat? Studio that creates a line of shirts called Lovetees, among many other things. These custom tees feature all 50 states, big cities and a handful of countries. As you can imagine, I jumped at the opportunity to highlight Oklahoma and share some of our new favorite spots around the city with Brady by my side in our matching tees. Being … Continue reading Favorite Spots in Oklahoma City

Off-the-Shoulder Formal Dress

Finding a formal dress when you’re well into your second trimester could be a little stressful. Do you buy maternity and wear it maybe one other time the rest of your life or find something that’s not maternity, yet accommodating for the bump, and be able to wear it after pregnancy? In my previous two pregnancies, I’ve opted for non-maternity pieces that contained a small … Continue reading Off-the-Shoulder Formal Dress

Off-the-Shoulder Maternity Dress

Aside from the overall excitement of having another baby, I’ve been oohing and ahhing over all of the new maternity fashion out there. It’s refreshing to see so many young brands setting out to capture a piece of the fashion market that’s incredibly underserved. When you finally have to say “see you next year” to the majority of your closet, it’s nice to be able to reach for fashionable … Continue reading Off-the-Shoulder Maternity Dress

Making Memories with James Avery

To me, James Avery is much more than jewelry. It’s a symbol of so many things in our life that we hold dear. Whether its love, life, faith, passions or interests, it’s a way to hold memories close and people even closer when they are far away. It’s our personal story. I got my first James Avery charm bracelet the summer before I started high school. Throughout those next four years, … Continue reading Making Memories with James Avery

Joules x Dillard’s Event

On Saturday I had the honor of hosting a VIP event welcoming the Joules Women’s Collection to Dillard’s. Joules is a UK-based clothing brand known for creating bright and colorful pieces for the whole family, especially when it comes to rainwear. Aside from shopping online, this collaboration marks Joules’ first time to be available for purchase in-store in the USA. That is pretty exciting!  Dillard’s was such … Continue reading Joules x Dillard’s Event