Hotel Luna Mystica

Situated a few miles east of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in Taos, New Mexico sits Hotel Luna Mystica. This gorgeous, starlight campsite is home to 20 beautifully renovated, vintage airstream trailers in every color of the rainbow. While reminiscent of our stay at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas, Hotel Luna Mystica has magnetic energy all it’s own. Perhaps it’s the stunning scenery, rich history, and sheer magic that truly sets it apart.  Continue reading Hotel Luna Mystica

Current Favorite Children’s Books

Books hold such a special place in our hearts. They are full of adventure, discovery, and life lessons. I love watching my little ones’ imagination and curiosity grow with each new story we read together. In fact, reading books to children – even newborns – develops and strengthens their vocabulary, memory, and listening skills at a very young age. It’s such a simple act that … Continue reading Current Favorite Children’s Books

Motherhood Essentials: The OXO Tot Splash + Store Bathtub

There is nothing quite like bath time with a cute little babe. We’ve had so much fun over the years with all of our little ones, and honestly, it’s been so cool to see how far infant bathtubs have come.  When it comes to baby baths, there are two stages that have always been a little more nerve-racking for me: the newborn stage and the … Continue reading Motherhood Essentials: The OXO Tot Splash + Store Bathtub

The Real MVP: SSM Health Virtual Visits

Sick season is upon us, that I know to be very true. Our family just spent the last two weeks being cooped up at home, all sick with a ruthless little virus. It certainly wasn’t the Christmas break we had hoped for, but it brought with it some funny memories and a great opportunity to show our kids how to make the best of the … Continue reading The Real MVP: SSM Health Virtual Visits

Our Favorite Holiday Recipes with McCormick

Some of my best holiday memories involve being in the kitchen, from baking homemade apple pies with my Grandma to meticulously decorating sugar cookies for the man in the big red suit. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved to bake and experiment with different types of food and spices. That love and curiosity is something that has always stuck with me … Continue reading Our Favorite Holiday Recipes with McCormick

Christmas Books for Kids

It’s no secret we love our holiday books, but Christmas books just might be our favorite of them all. There’s always something so magical about Christmas stories. Perhaps it’s their underlying messages of hope and inspiration, and endless opportunities to let little ones’ imaginations run wild. We added a few more books to our collection this year and I can’t recommend them enough. Keep reading … Continue reading Christmas Books for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Girls

We can all agree that shopping for little girls is a LOT of fun, right? When it comes to finding gifts for my little one, I love to seek out unique pieces that aren’t so commonplace (outside of her own Christmas wish list of course). Over the last few months, I’ve bookmarked cute things here and it’s grown into quite a collection. I’m thankful that … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Charlie’s Wild One First Birthday

Charlie’s first birthday seemed to come out of nowhere at warp speed. How is my little baby boy one? I’m sure mamas everywhere ask themselves that too! It’s been the absolute best year with Charlie — one of my most challenging for sure but my most rewarding by far. When it came time to plan his party, I already knew what I wanted his theme to be because he emulates it every single day – WILD!  Continue reading Charlie’s Wild One First Birthday

Carrot Zucchini Muffins (Toddler & Baby)

Lately I’ve been struggling with things to feed Charlie, who just turned one a few days ago. He’s a great eater but he’s started to turn up his nose at vegetables and other healthy treats he previously loved. So, I decided to get a little adventurous in the kitchen and try out a nutritious muffin recipe with his favorite vegetables hidden inside. I have to say, … Continue reading Carrot Zucchini Muffins (Toddler & Baby)