Weekend Adventures with Lightbox Jewelry

On what was our last weekend as a family of four, we decided to throw all of our rules (and bedtimes) out the window and go exploring. We always get caught up in staying on schedule and getting our to-do lists done that it’s easy to forget to just live in the moment. And with little brother’s impending arrival, I kept thinking about how necessary … Continue reading Weekend Adventures with Lightbox Jewelry

Maternity Style with Macy’s

As I’m sure many expecting mothers can agree, it can be a little challenging to truly feel fashionable or on-trend during pregnancy. With the obvious changes your body goes through, some styles even seem to be off the table altogether for those several months. But as the clothing options in our closets steadily decline, you certainly don’t have to give up all hope – you just have to know where to look. I’m … Continue reading Maternity Style with Macy’s

Delivery Essentials: MOMBOX

The recovery process after childbirth is no walk in the park, so knowing what products to have on-hand when you get home from the hospital is key. But how is a new mother supposed to know exactly what she’s going to need? MOMBOX, an amazing little company with a very relatable beginning, was created for this very reason: to get the right postpartum care items to new … Continue reading Delivery Essentials: MOMBOX

PinkBlush Labor Day Sale

Today kicks off PinkBlush’s Labor Day sale!  I’ve loved dressing my bump in PinkBlush this pregnancy and I will always recommend them as one of the best places to get trendy maternity clothes that actually make you feel cute – even in the last trimester. If you aren’t too familiar with PinkBlush, they offer a lot more than just maternity clothes. They also have non-maternity women’s … Continue reading PinkBlush Labor Day Sale

White Off-the-Shoulder Maternity Dress

This off-the-shoulder maternity dress is what photoshoot dreams are made of. I remember looking for a dress like this when I was pregnant with Brady and had zero luck! This one is from Shop Pink Blush and it comes in a few different colors and sleeve lengths. It’s super comfortable but my favorite part is that it’s double lined so it’s not see-through. The second … Continue reading White Off-the-Shoulder Maternity Dress

Where to Buy Designer Bags for Less

After receiving my first Louis Vuitton bag in college, my entire viewpoint on handbags changed. To me, it made much more sense to invest in a nice handbag that would last me the rest of my life rather than pick up a trendy bag that would last me a few years at a fast fashion retailer. Keep in mind I’m not someone who can regularly afford an assortment of … Continue reading Where to Buy Designer Bags for Less