Reducing Single-Use Plastics with Brita

As a family, we’re doing our part to reduce single-use plastics. My kids are the future and I want them to experience a happy, healthy planet. The only way that’s possible is if we all make small changes. Because at the rate we’re going, we’ll have more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Isn’t that a scary thought? The good news is, with … Continue reading Reducing Single-Use Plastics with Brita

The Birthday Edit: Thirty Something

• Eye Mask • Crystal Eyeglasses • Geometric Fringe Crop Top • Popsicle iPhone Case • Perfume • His and Hers Bath Mats • Satin Pajamas • Fringe Purse • Record Player • Feminist Mug • St. Barths Book • Capri Coffee Table Book • Glitter Nail Polish • Espresso Machine • Another trip around the sun and I definitely feel it this time! This last year has been as challenging as it has been rewarding. Brady started school (hello germs!), we had our third baby and I left … Continue reading The Birthday Edit: Thirty Something

How I Avoid Social Media Comparison

It’s absolutely true what they say about comparison. Not only does it steal your joy, but it gets you into a mindset that’s just not conducive to anything positive. When you compare yourself, your view becomes distorted. You diminish your own value and disconnect yourself from your own life and everything in it. Yet, we all do it. Why? The tendency to compare ourselves to others … Continue reading How I Avoid Social Media Comparison

Maternity Style with Macy’s

As I’m sure many expecting mothers can agree, it can be a little challenging to truly feel fashionable or on-trend during pregnancy. With the obvious changes your body goes through, some styles even seem to be off the table altogether for those several months. But as the clothing options in our closets steadily decline, you certainly don’t have to give up all hope – you just have to know where to look. I’m … Continue reading Maternity Style with Macy’s

PinkBlush Labor Day Sale

Today kicks off PinkBlush’s Labor Day sale!  I’ve loved dressing my bump in PinkBlush this pregnancy and I will always recommend them as one of the best places to get trendy maternity clothes that actually make you feel cute – even in the last trimester. If you aren’t too familiar with PinkBlush, they offer a lot more than just maternity clothes. They also have non-maternity women’s … Continue reading PinkBlush Labor Day Sale