5 Productive Ways to Start Your Day

The way you start your morning sets the tone for the entire day – both positively and productively.  When I had my marketing job, I felt like our mornings were so chaotic. We’d be rushing to get ready, rushing to make the kids breakfast, rushing to get them ready and then rushing everyone out the door. Now that I’m home with the kids, our mornings … Continue reading 5 Productive Ways to Start Your Day

An Early Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. The flowers, the boxes of chocolates, the sweet gestures of love from those you love – it’s just a happy and joyful day all around. The year, Scott and I will be spending our twelfth Valentine’s Day together. Twelve years! Looking back on our life together thus far, I would’ve never imagined we’d be where … Continue reading An Early Valentine’s Day Date

A Meaningful Christmas with James Avery

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but they may very well be the busiest for mothers. After all, we are the ones who put those coveted Christmas lists together, purchase most if not all of the presents, wrap them, hide the special ones from Santa (then have to remember where we put them on Christmas Eve), schedule Christmas photos, order Christmas cards, mail … Continue reading A Meaningful Christmas with James Avery

Sweater with Faux Fur Sleeves

In the winter, you can typically find me in over-the-knee boots, some shade of skinny jeans and a sweater. It’s so easy to slip into a routine of wearing the same thing all the time. Sometimes I’ll get onto myself for not being creative with my outfits, but when it’s so cold outside, all you care about it warmth and comfort!  Outfit Details Sweater. Sunglasses. Earrings. … Continue reading Sweater with Faux Fur Sleeves

Oversized Tuxedo Blazer

Outfit DetailsBlazer. Destroyed Denim. Heels. Fur Scarf. Purse. Necklace. A staple in most closets, although not always oversized, a classic black blazer can give your wardrobe life for years – even decades. While I do own a fitted blazer for more business-appropriate settings, I love the look of an oversized blazer for more casual outings. The length is also perfect to pair with shorter dresses … Continue reading Oversized Tuxedo Blazer

Dalmatian Print Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit. Cardigan. Heels. Sunglasses. Earrings. I told myself I wasn’t the jumpsuit (or romper) type after trying one on in college that was so ill-fitting it led to a major dressing room meltdown. That meltdown was followed by a strict diet of steamed vegetables and a new gym regimen that lasted a few weeks. To be honest, I don’t think that cheap jumpsuit would’ve fit … Continue reading Dalmatian Print Jumpsuit