The Best Coffee Shops in OKC

After working in the advertising world for the last ten years and now having three kids to keep up with at all times, you could say I drink a lot of coffee. I also happen to be a bit of a coffee snob, which is why I’m writing this post. 
When I took my first job at an advertising agency straight out of college, my coffee consumption quadrupled. If you’ve ever worked at or been inside an ad agency, you know that everyone drinks coffee. Everyone. It not just a morning cup of java to wake up either. Coffee is literally brewing all day long. The only problem with that for me was the fact that we were drinking subpar coffee (and I didn’t even know it yet). It wasn’t until I got an assignment to concept and produce a video on craftsmanship that I realized how enjoyable coffee can be. 
Oklahoma City had seen a rise in craft coffee shops and I was intrigued. I quickly set out to interview a handful of these shop owners and was blown away by all that I learned. The entire process of harvesting beans, roasting them in small batches and then producing the perfect cup is truly an art form. Not to knock Starbucks, but once you taste craft coffee, you realize how much more enjoyable drinking a cup can be. 
There really are so many great coffee shops in Oklahoma City, but these shops below are the best in my book. 

Best Drive-Thru Coffee

Let’s be honest, I rarely ever have time to sit in a coffee shop and enjoy the ambiance these days unless I have a babysitter and a good reason to leave the house. Stella Nova is always my go-to for a quick cup of drive-thru coffee. They produce crafted, small batch coffee and you can surely taste it. As true coffee alchemists, they study ideal brewing times and conduct flavor taste tests regularly. After opening just over two years ago, Stella Nova is now a few months out from opening their third location in the Oklahoma City metro area! If that doesn’t tell you how good they are, then I don’t know what will! 
My order: Iced Americano with a splash of half-and-half. 
(Sometimes a chocolate chip cookie if I’m feeling skinny.) 
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Best Coffee Shop (Ambiance)

Tucked away in a little corner of Deep Deuce, an up-and-coming neighborhood in downtown Oklahoma City, sits Leaf + Bean. It’s a quaint coffee shop with a lot of natural light and absolutely delicious coffee. My favorite thing about Leaf + Bean is the fact that they use fresh, handmade almond milk and oat milk in their lattes. Every barista I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting there has always been an absolute delight too!

My order: Oat milk latte. 

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Best Coffee to Make at Home

My husband and I love a cup of morning coffee to get us ready for the day. We’ve tried so many coffee beans over the years, but none of them even compare to Elemental Coffee. The owner of Elemental Coffee was the first person I interviewed for my video and he completely opened my eyes to the world of well-crafted coffee. They source the best coffee in the world right here in Oklahoma City. Just one look at the extensive list of beans on their website will leave you a little speechless.

My order (beans): Espresso 228
My order (in store): Americano pour-over

Best Coffee Shop (with kids + food options)

While a lot of coffee shops cater to a quiet atmosphere, Café Evoke caters to community. They offer coffee, booze, breakfast and lunch. We love taking the kiddos there on the weekends for a warm cup of coffee and a yummy breakfast. Brady and I love the granola + milk bowls and Parker and Scott love the waffles. You’ll see a good mix of other young families there as well as college kids and the usual laptop-toting multitaskers. 
My order: Americano (black) or oat milk latte. 
(They have amazing soy lattes too.)
Happy caffeinating! 

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