Edible Landcsaping-Gardens

Onsite Edible Landscape Sustainable Garden Health Care

Our onsite edible landscaping and garden areas bring a great nutritional aspect to our health care community enjoyed by all residents and staff.


HappyGuy-Tending to-Garden-Plant

Just like the way it has always been done by generations before mass produced food markets.Wholesome nutrition is part of our overall care initiative


Overflow is shared with local farmer’s market as part of our ongoing outreach. All pesticide free and cared for with love by us onsite..straight into our kitchens.

Hand-Cucumber-garden Hand-EggPlant-Holding-small

As the seasons change so does our sustainable garden varieties.

The meals are never dull and always nutritionally elegant. Smiling from the inside out leads to added benefits from our quality of life health care campus.

Health Care Garden Onsite baby watermelon